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The graphic stuff on this site can be for sale. Depends who wants to buy it. New stuff can be produced under the same rule. (See Legal page.) I can work for love, that is for no money, for the right causes and institutions if they are of the impoverished ilk. When it comes to work, I’m flexible as long as you are flexible. That is, I do “do” compromise provided it doesn’t interfere with my inclinations.

And now you may have more than a glimpse of my pretty face. You might as well. For some reason, these self-portraits have been decreed righteously groovy by some people, mostly women. I mean, I like them well enough and it amuses me to ‘do things’ to my face. After all if I’m going to take liberties with anyone’s mush, it might as well be my own. But they are not a patch on my animals, I think. Anyway, who cares? Have a shufti.


Standard stuff about copyrights, I should think. My stuff is mine and this site’s. You’d like any of it, we talk. If all you want is to print yourself a T-Shirt, probably you can have it for free -I’ll send you a JPG, even. If you want to print many and make some money out of it, then I’ll have my fee, thank you very much. Other people’s stuff will be acknowledged, as required.

9 Replies to “Mundane Stuff”

  • francesca bertini

    La leche!!!! Que buenos los autoretraros, pero mucho!!!
    Mandaré fotos personales para hacerme igual, imprimir y poner en mi casa, comentaremos temas pecuniarios.
    Y a lo que decía, me gusta la tira el del gold earing + adorable bichito. También la bio, interesting para everybody, lo que pasa es que yó…yá la conocía.
    Sin venir a cuentas, el Jack Russell terrier es un perro genial, los adoro y mi hijo berlinés quiere tener uno, cuando pueda.
    Yá vale de onfidencias,
    otro kissssssssssss

  • La Dolores de la Copla

    El animalico del Gorgon with a gold earing es un tipo de erizo k no pincha. y va muy poc a poc. Aki los llamamos hedgehogs.

  • francesca bertini

    pues no sabía yó NADA de este animalico, es muy guapito y pone exactamente cara de eso, de ir poc a poc y dormir mucho. Si tengo tiempo lo busco en el diccionario, con nombre latín y todo. A ver si vive tmb en la zona mediterranea.

  • Hi, Dolores,

    When I was 4, I was kidded out of a jewish nursery shcool.

    I love your site, work and sense of humor.


  • Vale Dolores, que he leído tu biografía y ya que te conozco más, mejor me caes. Por aquí nos estaremos viendo.

  • Love everything you have to say about yourself and your life – and I love your artwork. Gonna have to steal the phrase ‘mentally unorthodox’.

    • Dolores Post author

      Julia, me dear, how nice to see you in my little untidy souk! I always get so excited when anyone comes a-callin’ . Delighted you liked the artwork and that you didn’t get put off by my ranty potted autobio. (Not everybody’s cup of tea…) You’re a kind woman. And by all means, nick any phrase that grabs your fancy. My phrases are your phrases! Stay well and keep those images coming.


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