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The Navigators. aka A Shot in the Dark. You know what it’s like. You’re plodding along the selva oscura that your life has become, the via diritta having been blurred out of the picture some time back. But you don’t mind. You’re still able to hack a trail through it and deal with the ambushes and the attacks by the marauders and strike the odd alliance with the occasional fellow traveller, few and far between though they may be. So all in all the journey, if not exactly tickety-boo, is at least bearable. And suddenly you find yourself in a pitch-black spot. No prelude. No warning. You know that it’s not a black hole because you still have your integrity (both physical and metaphysical), but you simply can’t see shit-on-a-stick ahead of you. Dearie me! What a bummer. Well let’s hope that it’s only a temporary aberration, a passing stupid state state or a random psychic storm soon to subside. Quite often these things sort themselves out, especially with a little help from friends, allies and the odd accomplice. Have a resplendent weekend. May the light of luminous dissent shine upon you and yours.

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Name: Dolores

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