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Survival Of The Unfittest.

IkerNardlyBleevit. If proof was still needed that we are run by a bunch of single-brain-cell dickheads this should be it:


The poor possum-like creature is flabbergasted and wonders, as do many of us, how much longer can we survive this deplorable Governance By Stupid.

Linguistic note. The title is an in-joke, lifted bodily from the ineffable Let Stalk Strine. The author assures us that’ s how Aussies pronounce “I can hardly believe it. (Only he gives the phonetic spelling as “Eiche nardly bleevit..) He also affirms that “abstract. is pronounced “airp’s trek., to which I can bear witness of it being absolutely (or “airpsly.) true, as I I’ve come across this phonetic phenomenon very recently. So, ditch your bikini bottoms, dig out your insurgent shorts and have an airpsly fair blillis weekend.

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