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Fire Birds

Fierce Damsels. Voila, two fiery lasses for the price of one. A special aprí¨sPâques   offer. To be used, as usual, as an All-Purpose Gripe Indicator. State your beef(s) and the girls will make the most of it. They’ll go to town, in fact. Here are some of my own:

-Ms Patel’s latest mind abortion, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021

-Ms Patel’s mug.

American psychosis latest incubus, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. (Dialogue indeed!!!)

-Joe Biden’s mug.

-The Happiness Industrial Complex in its godawful entirety, from Norman Vincent Peel to the Morality Pill.

-Dominic Raab’s mug

There. Stay angry, stay sane and have a sponditious week.

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