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Budding Gardener. Times being so very lousy, it almost feels mean-spirited to have an Anti-Valentine. Why, even the BIC (Brainwashing Industrial Complex) seem to have toned down the mawkishness and the ersatz sentiment, poor dears! (Giggle, giggle.)

On the other hand it’s good to keep up some traditions, especially those that promote insubordination, so as a sort of via media, we have dispensed with our customary annual riotous shindig and taken ourselves to a quiet garden party thrown by Bella, the young novice gardener. She’s doing very well; what she lacks in expertise she more than makes up for in passion and taste. Behold the birdies a-fluttering and the tiny floating wraiths praising her efforts and the flowers (which BoomBoom calls “flehs.) thriving even before spring has had a chance to consider waking up!

The food served was scrumptious and the drinks pure nectar (what else?). We all had a grand time as well as miniature potted Japanese peonies as a souvenir.

Have a lovely weekend!

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