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Minotaur Mutations. A strange character has appeared out of the blue in the Chromatic Shifting Sands. Nobody can tell what it is since it refuses to reveal its name or even its rank and serial number. We conjecture that it may be vaguely related to Arachne but for the fact that it has too many limbs, and we think it might be female because as soon as she(?) appeared she(?) started giving birth to what she(?) claims is the ultimate alternative Minotaur under the watchful eye of the Permanently Amazed Palm Tree. It, the Alt-Mino, will undo all the wrongs that the original Minotaur did and, as a bonus, will haunt the dreams of Mike Pompeo from now on until the end of time and beyond. She(?) says. The Shoggoths are exceedingly curious about these shenanigans and are keeping a discrete eye on the proceedings. In spite of the perplexity surrounding this affair, we all wish the new mother(?) great fortune, outstanding prosperity and endless grooviness.

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