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Family Life In Dunwich

Wilbur Whateley. Aka The Agonies of a Young Scholar. The budding sorcerer’s apprentice seems to have misplaced his grandad’s most precious grimoire. For his life, he can’t remember where he left it last time he used it to summon Auntie Shubby to an impromptu tea party involving a brace of Alderneys, a stray tax collector and a couple of nosy newspaper hacks. He’d better find the book soon, before Gramps notices its absence and administers the youngster a hiding he will not soon forget. Not to mention pissing off Dad into a frenzy of stroppy retaliation. Yog-Sothoth is notoriously unforgiving with youthful scatter-brainlessness and rabidly intolerant of slipshod practices. Mummy can no longer help; she’s been in the well for several years, poor thing, and by now she’s even on the far side of organic matter soup.

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