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Hiroshima 75. Here be my favourite Kokeshi doll and the Perpetually Incensed Sprite with a quick reminder of the depths human cruelty can sink to when nobody dares say “Boo!. to the bullies. Now, who was it that said that for evil to succeed all is needed is for good people to keep shtum? Or something to that effect. Obviously not enough god people are saying boo to the geese of war, seeing what’s going on in the world right now. Not to mention the enduring ignorance (wilful or otherwise), the lies and myths and the rubbish “history. that still surround that most ignominious episode. Joseph Goebbels must be in seventh heaven in his little corner of hell, he must: Repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and, hey presto! it will become the truth. One can see that his political children and grandchildren have learnt his lessons well and even improved on them. (China next?) Thank you indentured MSM. You’re doing a grand job. And thank you Edward Sodding Bernays. May you rot in a specially nasty hell for ever and ever and them a bit more.

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