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More Travels In Hyperreality

1) Travellers. It’s a drag when you’re trying to mind your own business as you follow your road and, out of the blue, you acquire unsolicited company. Still, it’s the road you picked for yourself and that’s bound to attract strange fellow travellers, be it only because it’s a road not over-frequented. Who knows, maybe this Chaos feels a wee bit lonely; or it’s a very sociable Chaos and all he wants is a little chin-wag as it, too, goes its own sweet way. One never knows, with Chaos, does one?

2) Traveller. Here we see another story, no less enticing and/or exemplary. This little chap also goes its own way. Only, its way varies with its moods and tends towards the erratic. What matter to it is to keep on moving, from one place to the new one, little unpredictably endearing butterfly that it is.

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