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A Tale With A Sting

Scorpio. The Scorpion. Water. Fixed. Once said to be ruled by Mars and now by Pluto, either will do, really. Scorpio is perhaps the most intense creature in the whole zodiac. Also the most contradictory, ever oscillating between the maggot it can slide into if it allows itself to become self-indulgent and the eagle into which it can transfigure if it channels its powerful drives along the right path. Passionate, curious to a fault and stubborn .“or tenacious, as they prefer to call it- Scorpios will look everywhere, investigate anything and everything, look under every stone, including their own, fearless of what they may find. Intrepid and resourceful, Scorpio can take itself to the brink of self-destruction and then swiftly recoil, bounce back and regenerate itself to a daisy-like freshness. Most Scorpios have prodigious memories. Also a remarkable aptitude to bear a grudge, so if you annoy or offend one of these beasties be prepared for it remembering every little sordid detail of your affront many decades after you’ve forgotten the lot and throwing it all back on your face given half a chance. Having said that, and having unintentionally offended a few of these mesmerizing beings and consequently having had my hide slightly scorched, I do like Scorpios. They are dicey and irritable and they can be devious but they are never boring .“except when they go to the dogs, at which point they turn into Ms or Mr. Universal Whinge and never stop kvetching and make you implore the Great Void for the boon of deafness.

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