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Genocides ‘R Us

For Shame. For Gaza. Again!for the Nth bloody time! (No pun intended.) How many more innocent Palestinians will have to be murdered in cold blood before the tide of gutless subservience to Israel’s genocidal mania turns in earnest and people start taking real, effective action against the psychopaths in power? How much longer will this scruffy tail be allowed to wag that flea-ridden scrawny mad dog? How much longer will the Palestinians have to inhabit this gruesome insult-to-injury situation of being blamed for what’s absolutely not their fault? Has the meaning of the word “empathy., let alone “solidarity., been expunged from our common dictionaries? Answers on a postcard from the edge, please.

I know that the tide has been -very gradually and hideously slowly- turning, to the point that this time even the Guardian (but not the BBC, please note) has dared go against the pre-ordered, pre-fab grain and almost call a spade a spade. Blimey! Even the Tory mafia in 10 Downing Street have been tepidly critical of this latest criminal raid, or as the IDF calls it, a spot of “mowing the lawn..

Anyways, if true love and real happiness are in short supply, these days, shame seems to be making it to the top the list of Seriously Endangered Species. So it’s up to us, the Monsters and the Shoggoths and the Worms and the Frazzled Squiggly Things and the Penguins and the Little Fishis to blush ourselves radioactive on mankind’s behalf. Somebody’s got to do it, don’t you know.

PS. I was going to dedicate this here doodle to the dreary subject of the abysmal nomination of the unspeakable crypto-Nazi Quim Torra to the throne of the Virtual Bananas Republic of Greater Catalonia but compared to what’s happening in Gaza right now, the eventual fate of a bunch of prats who have decided to allow this farce to continue and lately settle into this current dangerous circus, seems truly insignificant. After all the Catalans have a choice, if they want to wield it. They can get up, and out into the streets en masse, and get rid of all that fascist cabal, if only they can summon the collons to do it. The Palestinians can’t. If they do as much as squeak a dissent they get murdered, also en masse ! and then some, as the Americans say. Which is not to say I have given up on the Catalan caper. I’ve only reorganized my priorities.

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