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New Year 2018 (For Banon)

And so another year is gone and another one just gets going. I have no illusions that 2018 will be any better than 2017 since Entropy seems to have the upper hand, right now. Never mind; keep Hope’s smiling face burning bright, you never know. Stay with Mehitabel and stay suborn. So says, in not so many words, the Maiden Without Specific Attributes. Her attendant Redbottle flies concur by misquoting Michel Foucault*: Where there is pressure there is resistance. The Redbottle flies are native to the Uncertain Grids and exceptionally intelligent, unlike our Bluebottle variety. They are strictly open-air creatures and, if by some freak accident, they end up indoors they’ll find their way out pretty damned quick, even if that means drilling a hole on your kitchen wall. (They will send in a repair team of competent and cheerful UltraBrickies, immediately afterwards and free of charge.) They are also rather soppy and very caring and they travel often with the aforesaid wounded spirit, who is chronically in need of any amount of TLC she can get, poor kid.

Happy New Year anyway!

There is laughter because there is nothing to laugh at.   Theodor Adorno

A modest example right here:


(*Where there is power, there is resistance.)


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