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A Dirge for Catalonia

21-D. The one (and only, alas) good thing that will come out of the Catalan Christmas Panto is that the PP (Partido Popular) is going to bite the dust something chronic in Catalonia, so Mariano Rajoy’s gonna get a whole load of egg on his ugly face. That would make it almost two things, except for the fact that Santa Inés “I Never Flap” Arrimadas and her merry Ciutadans will take the space vacated by the PP and that premier league charlie, Carles “I Heard The Call” Puigdemon and his Pujoclonic pals. Nature abhors a vacuum, they say. Nature sucks. Me, given half a choice, I’d plum for plump Miquel “I Can Rumba” Iceta, so desperate is the situation. Call me shallow but I think a gay president would be kinda cool, don’t you?

A small thought on Santa Inés Arrimada al Culo del Diablo: disregarding the obvious gaps in sex, appearance and other circumstantial evidence, she so reminds me of Donald “the Pussygrabber” Trump. Confident, articulate, unflustered, says lots of things that are superficially true and, if you don’t dig too deeply, sensible, even appealing. But read the Ciutadans manifesto… The moment this lot is in power down will come, like two tons of hard-baked bricks, Uber, Amazon, Verizon, the TTIP, the traditional corruption and the trilingual indoctrination, so that future generations of Catalans will be able to provide blowjobs in English.

As Goya said, me old muckers: El sueÅ„o de la razón produce monstruos. The sleep of reason begets monsters. Ay que dolor… 🙁

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