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Causality4Parasites.SCausality for Parasites. Forged in the debating furnaces of Ms Frumpette Fiddlesticks Dialectic Salon, Herminia, the Polemic Chicken, can be seen here trying to persuade a couple of itinerant parasites to leave her bloodstream alone, laying great emphasis in the consequences of not following her advice. The small but perfectly formed Webbed Worm has no idea what she’s on about, nor does he care. He’s totally smitten by the ranting fowl and thinks that he wants to marry her, whatever that means. Herminia has passion, presence and oodles of chutzpah and that’s what gets the little one. Just my type, he muses. Chronicler’s Note. I wonder whether Herminia’s trenchant logic could be used to persuade ATOS to get their filthy mitts off the sponsorship of the Paralympics. Just a thought. PD. This is the first of a mini-series called Foundations of Philosophy for Very Lowly Life-Forms.

Kabbalah4WormsUpdate 21/08/16 Kabbalah for Worms. For W.K. gone from my ecosystem but not forgotten. This completes, for the time being, the mini-series Foundation Philosophy for Very Simple Life-Forms. I can’t see why lowly organisms should miss on the agonies and the delights of unbridled intellectual speculation and similar fun & games just because they spring from the demotic mudflats of evolution. There.

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