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Anti-Feasty. Prelude

BriefEncounter3BlueWhat with Serpentine’s Day drawing in on us all, the Uncertain Zones are beginning to stir and bubble like a clutch of baby snakes. Taking advantage of a briefly operational tunnel between their worlds, the Free-Floating SpiderThing and her Shadow have popped in to visit their friends the Rugose Vermicelli and to bring them the traditional seasonal gifts. The SpiderThing has brought them a new ornament; she is adamant that no creature can ever have enough ornaments. “Por mucho pan nunca mal año” is her favourite motto. The Shadow bears the Holy Carrot of Eternal Chumminess, a sprig of Oakish Stuff, for strength and endurance, and a nice raceme of stardust, always so useful, don’t you know.

BriefEncounter3BitsPS. On the said principle of “Por mucho pan…”, I’ve done a grey version as well.  Vote if you can be arsed.

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