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Memories and Memorials

Visitation.SIt’s coming up to the third anniversary of the darling Bacterium’s departure. So here’s this year’s memorial. It’s all about funky visitations, you know. I’ve just received a report from my contacts in the peripheral grid, the Rough&Ready Entities, about an enigmatic object that materialized there a few days ago out of a random hole in the fabric. Thus far, it just bobs up and down in the thin air, glowing bright red, and if you listen carefully you can hear a muted but steady flow of miraculously rude epithets aimed at sundry notorious pillars of our communities, interspersed with fiery appeals to “wake up and smell the shit, you bloody peons!”. The grid dwellers are mighty puzzled and can’t make any sense of the happening, nor have they the foggiest as to the nature of the item. I’ve got a strong feeling that this is an early warning sign that the Ash boson is about to be discovered. Or conjectured, at the very least.

Solstice2015Update 18.12.15 Solstice time again. Here comes the ineffable BoomBoom, get up to look like the Swamp Thing as a modest tribute to a chap who knows a thing or two about sequences and cycles, bringing you the yearly seasonal tidings.
Bid farewell to the darkness and thank her, for she has brought pause and rest and done her bit. And greet the return of the light that will do my spirits and my complexion no end of good. Have the best Solstice you can possibly get, people.

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