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Mysticism for Simple-Minded Creatures

AlienCult2Here’s a little bit of what your soul may fancy. Behold the young VeggieBats guard the stony RosaMundi ever so lovingly and the small but perfectly designed devotees do their devoted bit. Bon profit.

Update 21/05/15 Quickly, a couple of “tiles” I made for an ailing mate and the first, perhaps of a series depicting the life cycle of groovy alien races.

East.4theMorningWest.4theEveningMiGoLifeCycleUTripleTriad.Spdate 25/05/15 Here be the two latest. A little bit of free mysticism and a watery Maternitá (wich is far more cheerful than a Pietá, lets face it). 1. Dakini Dance: The soul’s equivalent of anti-rust oil, this whirling 3-in-1 troika of Dakinis is now on a special offer: invoke one and get  three. No need to state your requests or articulate your prayers. The girls will know what to do. Just fix your gaze on them and watch them spin (each wheel on a different direction) until your head swims in a sea of holy confusion. After a while it will either explode or you’ll attain total clarity. Either way, no more perplexity. Happy meditating!   PS. These are genuine Dakinis (Cold Waste, Plateau of Leng branch), proper Sky Goers.  No relation whatsoever to any silly elf-like fictional folk.

2.Mother&Tadpole Deep Sea Life. The young Mermaid has just got a little tadpole. It’s her first and she’s thoroughly chuffed, of course, although, for her scaly life, she’s not at all sure how things came to this particular pass. She does remember, vaguely, a really wild party, at the Whites of Yha-Nethlei, to celebrate the Subsuming of the latest batch of Innsmouth Home-comers, where cartloads of extremely exotic beverages were consumed by all & sundry. Beyond that everything else is a pleasant blur. Be it as it may, the other sea creatures are duly filing past to offer their offerings, congratulations, best wishes and the occasional mildly snide remark.

Desperate note 28/08/15. Here be bugs! It’s either that or there’s a curse on this page. NO matter what I do the layout persists in coming up totally wonky and not at all what I want. I give up. Make the best of it, folks.

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