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MoreHounds.SAnd carry on in spite of the freely flowing shit, young Gorgon. Here we have again the indescribable meta-canines from beyond the dimensional pale; or as they are known chez nous, Los Cagnolitos de Tindalos. It says a lot about the kind of politician we, as a society, produce these days that the perennially famelic creatures, who will eat everything and anything, are even now hesitating about devouring the …things… that a fortuitous rent in the fabric of space-time has uncovered. ‘Nuff said.

SpringDemonette.SUpdate 08/04/15 It’s been spring, officially, for days, but I seem to keep my own times, these days, so, here’s my Spring Demonette to celebrate. Now go and listen to Tom Lehrer’s Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.



Update 110/04/15 Sin comentario.




FraidyCats.SUpdate 15/04/15 For me mate Rhis, who shares with me a great dislike of Ed Milliband’s voice (also, of “perfect” sunsets and “perfect” butterflies, and so on)


SaritaLaGolemita.SUpdate 21/04/15 Sarita’s Day Out.- In a few hours the Seville Spring Fair, or Feria de Abril, will kick in with its usual panache and splendour. The kindly rabbi Esther Oliveira (cheremed and self-exiled in Toledo) has given her girl golem the week off so that she can attend and have some relief from her chores and studies. (Rabbi Oliveira is very progressive and believes in educating girls, human or golem alike.) So there they go, young Sarita and her mates, merrily off. A few miles outside the city walls they are ambushed by Alegrí­a the Serpentine. Greetings are exchanged, Sarita proffers and invitation to join in the fun, doña Alegrí­a accepts and by now they should be nearing the outskirts of this most civilized of cities. We wish them a spiffing time, although doña Alegrí­a, who is very good natured but prone to mischief (she’s nebulously related to Loki on her mother’s side) is bound to land them in the soup at some point or other. Fortunately Zorro the Wonderdog and Bryan the Trouble Teddy are in attendance and ready to extricate them all from any entanglement with the authorities. So, Viva Sevilla y Olé y Viva Triana! Sorry I can’t be there, too, oh beautiful bride of the Guadalquivir.

TilesPanelB&WUpdate 01/05/15 Look, tiles are good for you, OK? So, don’t argue. Sit with the tiles, stare at the tiles, sing to the tiles. And happy dribbling.

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