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Passions, Obsessions & Paying One’s Debts

This one is so special that I’m starting a new post. Took me ages; I agonized over it like it (agonazing, that is) was going out of fashion; my back hasn’t forgiven me yet; I still have doubts that the perspective and the light could have been so much better; etc. But never mind. Another artistic/intellectual/spi’tual/sensory-sensual/whatnot debt is paid, no matter how poorly. Don Diego & Don Francisco’s ghosts have just sent me a message from beyond the SubAtomic Particles Field Forever telling me they do forgive me, bless their brushes. Update 20/11/11 Here go the latest. Not sure why I still have qualms about the Self-Portrait, but I do. (It has lotsa meaning for me, though.) Still, here it is. As for the Flamenco ‘Edge’Ogs, I have the inefable MimiLoveForever to thank for. She provided the original image that lead to this ‘ere “parida”. NB. The ‘edge’ogs are second-generation Sevillians from Staffordshire. They wer a raging success in Seville some weeks ago. It’s a story “de ida y vuelta”, innit. Update 03/12/11 The revisiting & recycling of ancient stuff continues. Our Lady Pacifier of Bitching Felines is a bit o a child of the self-portrait, because I like th cats so much. The Hybrid Witch is for Ada. She’ll know why. Stay tough, girl. Update 04/12/11. More recycled revivals. Long live archeology!

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