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Staying Alive

It’s easier when I can draw. And, touch wood, the body’s holing, the mind is reasonably sound and “they” just keep on coming. Here be the latest: the first two of what will end up being a heretic version of At the Mountains of Madness. Forgive me, Howie. Update 01/12/10 My first portrait proper in ages, and my first of a bloke. Damned difficult to do, blokes!  Still, My Flick’r  mate Lix Cordero wasn’t too-too difficult to get right. Update 08/12/10 More on the Shoggoth epic, introducing the groovy Outer Ones. Update 03/01/11 The old computer is dead. Long live the new computer, they tell me… Here go the last thing I did on the old one and the third done on The New Flesh. This last is just a sneak privada of the dark times & deeds to come in the Shoggie Saga.

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