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Love Story

I’m writing a short account of how the Shoggoths came into my life. It’s taking a wee bit longer that planned, but it’s coming soon to my miraculously empty “literary” page. Meanwhile, have a preview. And a small benefic juju I made for my good Flick’r mate, the exquisite MimiLoveForever. Update 13/09/10 More stuff for the divine MimiLoveForever. Birthday stuff. Plus the poster announcing the unveiling of my short story of how the Shoggoths came into my life…and practically took it over. PS. The story has gone down rather well amongst my Flick’r pals. They really are good people, they are, bless their digital socks. Update 14/02/10 A sad update. A friend of a friend died a while back. This wee memorial is for both of them. Update 17/09/10 A happier sort of update. This is for my excellent Flick’r pal, the groovy FlickChick2 (aka Mary). Happy birthday, Flicky


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Name: Dolores

4 Replies to “Love Story”

  • You madam are too cool for skool, pool, boule and gooseberry fool…I have this on my computer parts and also my bedside so it’s the first thing I see in morn n last thing at night…Shoggoths twice daily…better than any poxy prozac! x:)
    Big lovin’s atcha!

  • Hey DD
    another big thank you (you can never have too many of them either!)…but also hugs and condolences for your loss…and what a lovely tribute xx

    • Dolores Post author

      Darrrrrrlink! Thanks for all your recent comments on my site. It’s SO nice to see some life here! And thanks for the comment on the memorial. Christian wasn’t a friend of mine. In fact I didn’t even know him -although I knew of him. He was a friend of a friend. But I will pass on the sweet thoughts to him. XXX
      Dodo, (Next In Line For The Nebulous Award For Extremely Silly Sci-Fi) 🙂

  • Great sixpak! … and tnx again 4 Christian !


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