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On me ‘ead! On me ‘ead!

And so we come to that four-yearly cyclic event. That which can whip by and large emotionally catatonic people to a paroxysm of frenzied apathy and, like a civil war, turn child against parent and neighbour against migrant strawberry picker. Yes, it’s the Dreaded World Cup. Here’s my first take  on what, so far, looks like a staggeringly dull tournament. Not that I’ve been watching any of the matches, but I did see on the news the England goalie making a dog’s dinner out of that penalty kick. I was in stitches! Anyway, passssh the bottle, Paddy, will you… (Mmmm… Interesting.  I seem to have been taken over by the passing  spirits of dead British comedians. Funny. And no pun intended, either). Update 27/06/10 And here’s what the great Manolito thinks of the whole thing, including (particularly, actually) today’s match. Update 04/07/10 Here’s Patricio’s vignette. Update 10/07/10 And so we draw near the end of the dreaded Four-Yearly Event. If the toss is between Holland and Spain, this time I’ll invoke genetics and ancestral memory and go with Spain, like the German octopus (so cute, too!). However, whatever the result, Manolito will be hung, upside-down, for his lapse in lofty detachment. So, here’s the preview. Also, a wee birthday card I cobbled together rather in a hurry, and resorting to much recycling, for a dear Flick’r friend. Happy birthday Helene!


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