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The Rehab-Lab Is Back

Long live the Rehab-Lab! This item is one of the really special ones. You know these horrible English filums that English people like so much only because they are English? It would be OK if they liked the bloody dreary things and left the rest of us alone but, oh, no! They do go on , and on, and on. And they don’t stop until you’ve sat down and watched it, and got enormously bored and irritated and in a murderous mood. And then you tell them you think the movie is total crap and they look hurt, and then offended, and finally they say you just can’t appreciate them because you’re a sad little foreigner. That sort of thing. I can’t be the only one who’s “been there”. For they who know what I’m talking about… Update 15/02/10. It never rains… Plus  two more cards. Update 16/02/10 And two more. Seven to go, folks. Hai! Hai!


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Name: Dolores

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  • Mr.Russel’s “Women in Love”: – Opera fiammeggiante, corporale e passionale che ritrae l’amore nelle sue molteplici sfaccettature offrendo una galleria di personaggi meticolosamente caratterizzati soggetti ad un perenne conflitto con se stessi ed il loro (COMPROMETTENTE) ambiente storico-sociale accentuando il loro desiderio ardente d’individualití  (ASSOLUTA) che trova nell’amore e nella sua (ri)definizione la sua ideale (ed impossibile?) compiutezza. –
    That is crappy! Isn’t? Nobody could write such a review on what you do! God bless you!

  • Who wrote that above crock of shit? My, my, some people like the sound of their own voices, don’t they…
    Thanks for your laconic assessment of my own version of the filum itself, you angel!

  • The bloke who wrote that signs himself as “H.A.L 9000”. …Obviously he’s used to keep his identity hidden: somebody should have already tried to break his confused head lost in a Space Odyssey!

  • Indeed, my darling.
    By the way, now I know that this site also replies directly to replies to comments. Yay!
    PS. How’s the enforced inactivity going? Remember: No Pasa-fucking-ran!

  • I do hope that “mords” means exactly what I think it means. My favourite Mexican group, Los De Abajo, sing:
    Adios, adios que le vaya bien
    Adios, adios, que le lleve el tren
    Adios, adios que le muerda un perro
    Y que le muerda bien

    As I always say, “If you can’t beat them, bite them”
    Be well.


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