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She’s Alive, They Tell Me.

Contrary to all appearances, I am quite alive, if not well. The “unwellness” didn’t stop me from having yet another go at my latest favourite subject. You can’t keep a good Shoggoth down! Solstice Update:21/12/08. …or a good Alien, for that matter. This one is for the shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist. Now, that’s what I call free expression, what!  Do try it yourselves here: http://play.sockandawe.com/ Update 29/12/08: Poor 2008’s nearly over and I’m still on the rat track. What can I say in my own defense?

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Name: Dolores

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  • francesca bertini


    me alive too…yet.
    Guapo autoretrato. Mortal gamal el Egipcio, no es por el fez, pero pone cara de arabe norteafricano.


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