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This is a repeat of the last post. Trying to be independent & things, I managed to fuck things up again and made the text disappear. Ole!

So, is over a month since I posted anything. Been down with dread bug. In between bouts of fever-induced delirium I managed to do that wee thing on the Great & Groovy Chtulhu. It’ll make no sense to anyone not familiar with the work of H.P. Lovecraft, but it might amuse those familiar with the fertile, if totally paranoid (and more than a tad racist) imagination of the recluse of Providence. He may have been a well fucked-up dude and not as good a writer as posterity has claimed, but you got to give to him, he created a beautifully consistent mythology and some of the best monsters ever to come out of a reactionary pen.

The other pic is yet another avatar of the very useful All-Purpose Gusanito. It won’t be the last, rest assured.

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