Just another WordPress site

Just another WordPress site

Everyone’s A Critic

I thought I might post here bits of a Sci-Fi thing I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a bit. See how it fares. It has aliens, space ships, cheeky mutant bacteria, grand villains, car chases, smart-ass animals and even a bit of romance. We’ll see. Meanwhile, say hello to The Rats. They’re Continue Reading

Welcome to the Gossip Column

Hello, welcome to my page devoted to gossip, rants, tittle-tattle and trivia (or not…). This here chubby guy is The Alien. He’ll be mostly in charge of this section. Anything you have to say/moan about the contents of this page, you take it up with him and his people will talk to my people. (NB. Continue Reading

Hello world!

This is your Gorgon speaking. Normality will be attained sooner or later. In the meantime, pilule this will have to do …until the real thing comes along.